• What breeds of dogs require grooming? +

    All Breeds require bathing and nail trimming regularly. The breeds that need groomed every 4-6 weeks are: Shi Tzu’s, Lhasa Apso, Bichon Frise, Maltese. Schnauzers, Labradoodle, Poddles (all sizes), Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, Cockapoos, Morkie, Samoyed, Chinese Crested, Pekingese, Yorkshire terriers, Silky Terriers, and most reeds with heavy coats or double coats.

  • Do you groom cats? +

    We ONLY groom felines that are accustomed to grooming on a very frequent basis. Our grooming fees for felines start at .00 and up. Before requesting an appointment for your cat, be aware that our Salon has primarily canine clientele, and bringing a feline into this environment can cause extreme stress, aggravation and sometimes aggression. It is imperative that you know grooming is very stressful for cats outside their home, and ESPECIALLY if they do not share their home with a dog.

  • How soon do you start grooming a pet? +

    As soon as possible!!! I recommend beginning some type of grooming at 4 weeks of age. Brushing, nail trim and cleaning ears. Professional grooming should be started at 6 weeks. This will familiarize the pet with the sound of clippers and dryers and make grooming a pleasurable experience versus a negative one.

  • What Vaccinations do you require? +

    We require current rabies and bordeletta vaccinations. You may bring proof of vaccines to your appointment or we can verify via phone with your veterinarian.

  • How long does grooming take? +

    Grooming is a per breed/type situation. Every pet is different and responds or behaves differently. Generally, for small breeds 2-3 hours and for other medium to large breeds 2-5 hours. This depends greatly on the condition of the dog’s coat, scope of work to be performed, etc…

  • What makes your Salon different from others? +

    Puppy Le Pew is a Salon offering over 30 years combined experience in all breed grooming with state of the art new equipment. Our salon is always clean and sanitized, has a spacious lobby with a wealth of information about other highly recommended pet service providers. We use only holistic treats to reward client’s pets according to their diet. The Master Stylists are experienced in recognizing and handling any grooming issue, any desired style, professional handling skill, and exceptional results. Our salon is safe and secure monitored via video surveillance throughout. Each pet being styled is hand dried, as we take the health and well being of each seriously to prevent unwarranted accidents or injury. We have separate holding areas for each pet, offer a quiet environment, and use the world’s finest coat and skin care products. We are not a “Box” chain salon, allowing us to concentrate on quality not quantity.

  • How much will grooming cost? +

    While our prices are very competitive, the minimum cost of a PROFESSIONAL grooming starts around .00 for small breeds less than 25 pounds or Teacup breeds. Depending on the salon you choose, most will include nail clipping, gland expression and ear cleaning. Be aware that NOT all salons include these services. You can realistically expect to pay between .00 small, .00 and up for medium breeds and up to 5.00 for large to giant breeds depending on services you choose in addition to regular set prices. We offer a Maintenance Program to our clients saving .00 up to .00 per visit. This too is depending on services chosen. Ask us about the plan and we can walk you through how it helps you save. We do have a multi pet discount available for regular clients.

  • Why are your fees higher than PetSmart and Petco? +

    Simply put, you are paying for quality. Our stylists have years of extensive training and experience, compared to 3 weeks of training. The products and skill combined with the above are unmatched. Lastly, we do not have a corporation backing us, so we strive to earn your trust and patronage. Remember, lowest price does not mean highest quality.

  • My pet has skin problems. What can you do to help? +

    Skin issues can be very worrisome and expensive. While we have products to soothe and promote healing, seeing your Veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment is very important. We offer Veterinary grade shampoos and conditioners, holistic flea treatments and hot oil treatments. You are welcome to bring any prescription shampoos with you, however will not reduce the cost of your service.

  • What can you do if my pet has fleas? +

    Keeping your pet on a monthly flea preventative, treating your lawn and indoor areas where your pet hangs out are important. ONE flea can lay hundreds of eggs and adult fleas can jump 6 feet. Fleas can cause extreme irritation to some breeds called flea bite dermatitis. This issue can present as inflammation of the skin, redness and in some cases, the hair will be thin and will actually fall out! We offer an all natural shampoo and Capstar pill. The Capstar is temporary lasting 24 hours and will exterminate the fleas on the dog for that period of time. The shampoo is immediate extermination of fleas in the bath. This assists you having time to acquire a good monthly preventative and treat the areas mentioned above. Here in our salon, Fleas are not welcome!!!! We have a very strict policy to prevent potential infestation in our building and protection of other clients’ pets. See our services page for pricing. There is NO exception to this policy.

  • What are anal glands? +

    Anal glands are small pockets inside the anus of every dog and cat. When pets eliminate, these pockets fill with oils and secretions. Signs of needing to have the glands expressed are scooting, licking and biting. They can leak and have a putrid odor that can get on furniture, clothing, bedding and stay o the dog until bathed. Neglecting to have them attended to can cause medical issues including infection, abscess and in extreme cases surgical intervention. We express the glands at each grooming or bathing visit.

  • Why do you pull hair from a dog’s ears? +

    Pulling or plucking the hair from dogs’ ears is very important. The reason is, although hair is natures filter, it can cause numerous problems for many breeds. Hair can trap wax and moisture. When this happens, bacteria will grow in the ear and cause irritation and infections. Removing the hair promotes air in the canal and keeps it dry. We follow plucking with a Veterinary grade cleanser that cleans and dries quickly.

  • My dog is aggressive. Can you still groom him/her? +

    No. We do not attempt to groom aggressive dogs or cats.

  • My dog’s nails grow fast. What can I do? +

    Regular clipping is required, and for some, every two weeks. We offer a nail sculpting service that enables us to get closer to the quick. We have noticed that when sculpted, the quick seems to become shorter, and hence the shorter the nail. This service smoothes the edge, nails are shorter, and can help save your furnishings and flooring. See our services page for pricing.

  • My dog has matting. What do you suggest? +

    First of all, choose a comfortable style that is appropriate for your pets’ activity and your lifestyle. If you bathe your dog at home between grooming appointments, the coat HAS to be brushed out after bathing. If you do not dry the coat and brush it out, the dog will roll and slide, lick and bite which causes tangles. Those tangles will become tighter and bigger without brushing and combing. Soon, the matting will get out of control. This can cause hair thinning from the size and weight of the mat, pain, and hot spots from moisture collecting in the mat and lying against the skin causing breakdown. Some pets will bite and scratch the area(s) and actually cause bleeding. We can de-mat the coat if it is manageable, if not, the coat will have to be stripped down short. De-matting can be very painful!! Please be realistic when considering this service. There are additional fees for de-matting and stripping neglected coats.

  • My dog sheds badly. What can I do? +

    This is a very common pet owner concern. Depending on the type of coat your dog has, there are solutions to aid in shedding. One choice is the De-Shedding service, this is a process using a formulated shampoo and conditioner that aids in releasing the dead coat from the skin, a high velocity dryer is used to blow out excess hair, then a thorough brushing and combing and lastly a special tool is used to remove even more loosened coat. This process is recommended regularly for breeds that shed excessively. The other option is shaving the coat shorter for breeds such as Labradors, terriers and corgis to name a few. See our services page for De-shedding fees.

  • My dog’s face has a bad odor. Why? +

    Breeds with heavy muzzle coat like Shi Tzu, Schnauzer and Maltese have this problem more than other breeds. The cause is tearing, saliva, food and water sticking to the facial hair and sometimes teeth needing brushed or cleaned. We offer a Blueberry Facial for this issue. It is very concentrated, tearless shampoo that removes odor and can help with staining when used frequently. We recommend our teeth brushing service at each visit to help keep the teeth clean and fresh between annual Veterinary cleanings. See our services for pricing and details.

  • Can I drop off my pet early and pick up late? +

    We always make provisions to accommodate our client’s schedules. Client’s pets staying in the salon for longer than 2 hours after their grooming is complete will be charged a .00 fee. This fee is to assure that staff is present to walk, feed, water and care for him/her while in our care.

  • My dog has only been groomed a few times and hates it. What do I need to do? +

    Dogs that require regular grooming, but do not get it are a challenge. We will attempt to groom your pet, but, can only do so much if the dog is uncooperative, or becomes agitated or aggressive. Trying to “make” he pet accept what we do can be stressful and only adds to the fear. Pets know when they are not in their element and this also escalates the situation. If we are successful in completing the grooming, an additional handling fee is added. We do reserve the right to stop or refuse service to these pets as injury to the stylist or pet is possible

  • I do not have an appointment, can I just walk in? +

    Our salon is by appointment, but, at times we have same day openings. You will have to provide vaccine information upon arrival, and expect to have at least an additional hour added to the time it would usually take for regularly scheduled appointments.

  • Can I stay while my pet is groomed? +

    Our salon has a spacious lobby and waiting area. You are welcome to stay in this area if you desire, but know that it will be a wait of a minimum 1 hour for a bath and 2-3 hours for grooming services. We do nail trimming, nail sculpting and gland expression on a “while you wait” basis, no appointment is needed but, please call so we know to expect you.

  • Can I help or watch while you groom my pet? +

    No, we do not permit clients in the bathing/grooming area.

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