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While You Wait

Lets face it..time is too short in our busy days. To assist you I offer the following "while you wait" services. No appointment is necessary, you may call or text  to let us know you are in route or just walk in.  Yes, you may leave your pet if you prefer to do so, your convenience is important.

  • Nail Sculpting: Process of grinding the nail after clipping to smooth out those wretched edges after clipping. It also shortens the nail considerably without the possibility of cutting the quick. $10.00 and up
  • Gland Expression: Every dog and cat have  inner rectal glands. These glands become filled with oils and can be uncomfortable, odoriferous and may cause issues requiring surgical intervention if not expressed regularly. This is a routine part of grooming and should be cared for on each visit.Signals to look for are scooting, unusual chewing or licking and odor.
  • Ear Cleaning: Veterinarian Grade cleanser cleans debris and wax from the ears, while the cleaner dries quickly and leaves a cucumber melon fragrance.

Appointment NOT required

Puppie Le Pew Gift Cards are available to share your pets' experience with friends or family members. These cards are re-loadable and can be presented for payment for Boarding and Grooming Services. Minimum Purchase Amount: $50.00  No Refunds, cards must be redeemed.

Don't forget we have our luscious premium shampoo, conditioner & coat spray sets Available!! Inquire at front desk. 

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