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 Shampoos & Conditioners

Every pet is individual and has equal needs when it comes to keeping their skin healthy. While most breeds are resilient, there are a number of our Furbabies that have special care needs in this area. Puppyie Le Pew prides  itself in sending EVERY clients' pet home clean and lush regardless of their skin issues or their lifestyle. In this Salon, I utilize problem specific products to heal and soothe irritated and compromised skin conditions, staining, etc. I address all types of skin and coat problems through thorough communication with you, the client, to make certain we agree on a product suitable for your pet.The Specialty products used in this Salon are the Worlds finest endorsed by World renowned Professional Handlers and Breeders. I cannot stress enough the importance of using the correct shampoos and conditioners. Using the least expensive over the counter, or products for humans can at times only intensify the problems you already have.I am always ready to help you help your pet feel good and stay healthy through my services.

I offer and recommend the following options for skin or coat specific issues:

  • Veterinarian Grade Medicated Shampoo- Rich in Cold Pressed Evening Primrose emollients touting a pleasurable fragrance
  • Soothing Oatmeal and Baking Soda Shampoo- Soothing and odor removing
  • Veterinarian Grade Chlorhexadine Shampoo- Soothes and promotes healing for bacteria prone issues. Clean and pleasant scent
  • Naturals Flee Shampoo- INSECTICIDE FREE  Kills fleas on contact, leaves a citrus and floral scent, very effective 
  • Dirty Dog Shampoo- Deep Cleansing, degreasing, removes odor and some staining
  • Crown Royale- Deep Cleansing, Volumizing Highly Fragrant Shampoo and Conditioner used for regular styling visits. Beautiful results
  • Whitening and Brightening Shampoo- contains a trace of bluing to remove stains when used regularly. Pleasant fragrance.
  • Healing Conditioner- Soothes and calms any irritated skin 

Puppie Le Pew Gift Cards are available to share your pets' experience with friends or family members. These cards are re-loadable and can be presented for payment for Boarding and Grooming Services. Minimum Purchase Amount: $50.00  No Refunds, cards must be redeemed.

Don't forget we have our luscious premium shampoo, conditioner & coat spray sets Available!! Inquire at front desk.  

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