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Facials & Pedicures

While routine grooming and maintenance are effective, there are times and situations that require additional attention.Our Specialty Services could just be the answer to some of them. Whether you have indoor or outdoor pets, giving them a little more at salon visits can be so pleasant for them and you.I am here to assist you in addressing issues you encounter and are dealing with, such as excessive shedding, nails damaging  floors and furnishings, scratching, malodorous breath or just listening to chewing and licking is getting too much to bear.I have found the following items, offer them to be tried and true to help each client get the best results for their pets individual situation. Familiarize yourself and always feel free to inquire further. It's really amazing, once you try them..you won't be able to do without them!

  • Blueberry Facial: An aroma therapeutic, whitening brightening, tingling shampoo used to remove odor, whiten dingy beards, leaving a fresh clean scent. This is recommended for breeds that have heavy facial beards such as Shi Tzu's, Schnauzers and Yorkshire Terriers and Designer breeds $8.00 and up
  • Nail Sculpting: Process of grinding the nail after clipping to smooth out those wretched edges after clipping. It also shortens the nail considerably without the possibility of cutting the quick. $10.00 and up
  • Teeth Brushing and Oral Rinse: Just like the description, I use a very good quad brush allowing cleaning to all areas of the teeth. After brushing, an oral rinse is used to remove any further odors leaving a fresher breath and tingling feeling. A great between cleaning regimen. $7.50 and up
  • Hand Scissoring: This service is for breeds who may react negatively to razors or are highly sensitive to any form of clipping. The entire body and face area are shaped and defined using only scissors. $30.00 per hour in addition to bathing fees.
  • Hot Oil Treatment: A dogs coat can fall victim to elements, allergy and routine care. This treatment is recommended for dogs that have dry and brittle coats. A rich emollient conditioner is warmed and applied to the coat immediately following the bath and remains on the coat for 15 to 30 minutes. This restores moisture and elasticity resulting in a stronger vibrant coat. $10.00 and up
  • TheraPaw Fixx: A fizzing tablet containing concentrated botanical extracts including White Tea Tree Oil, Comfrey Extract, Seaweed Extract and Olive Leaf Oil. These ingredients are cleansing and moisturizing combating dryness and soothes. A treatment that is recommended for dogs who have allergies, or a fixation with licking or chewing their feet. This service is done after the bath while the dog is still wet in the tub. A fresh tepid, shallow amount of water is added to the tub with the fizzing tablet while the dog enjoys 5 minutes of relaxing fizz, followed by a tea tree oil massage!! $10.00 and up
  • De Shedding: A process utilizing a specific group of product to loosen and remove dead hair and dander. This is a  three step process, working exceptionally well involving, bathing, conditioning, high velocity drying and a special tool to remove even more loose coat. Highly recommended for breeds that are indoors and are prone to shed such as Corgi's, Husky's, Shephards, Labradors, etc... $15.00 and up
  • De Matting: Removing tangled and clumped tight hair from the coat.Several different tools are utilized depending on the professional doing the work. Matting is caused by a lack of regular brushing and combing.*******This process, no matter how well behaved the dog, is painful and could last for several minutes to hours.In severe cases, if de-matting is desired, be advised that there will be very thin patches of coat and it will not look uniform in length or thickness. If your pet has matting that is located on the most tender areas of the body, please consider stripping the coat(shave down) and letting the hair grow out again. I can advise as to what your option regarding de-matting could be. $25.00 per hour 

Puppie Le Pew Gift Cards are available to share your pets' experience with friends or family members. These cards are re-loadable and can be presented for payment for Boarding and Grooming Services. Minimum Purchase Amount: $50.00  No Refunds, cards must be redeemed.

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