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Puppy Le Pew

Pet Grooming & Boarding

8847 Maysville Rd.
Maysville, GA 30558

(770) 530-5265

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News Release – Business Loses One Groomer

Your choice of services, starting with the basics...

(At any time during your dog’s visit, if fleas are found, a flea treatment will be required as mandated by the state. The charge for the medicated shampoo will be added to your invoice.)

Bath & Brush Service

Wash, rinse, then condition (except on some breeds). This service includes an ear cleaning, anal gland expression, complete blow dry and brush out, topped with a luxury finishing spray and a nail trim. You may not be able to keep your hands off your fur baby!

Full Groom

This is your dog’s "shape-me-up" haircut treatment from ears to tail. The service includes the Bath & Brush Service, then a haircut of your choice done per your instructions. Guides are available to help you pick

the level of closeness done on the groom. Whether a puppy cut, teddy bear cut, lion cut or a summer cut, grooming all hair types from curly to straight, we'll do our best to get the look suited to your liking.

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Start your dog’s spa-like visit with a luxurious bath. We use premium signature shampoos that are salt and tear free, specially formulated for dogs. They’ll receive a gentle massage from head to toes while the shampoo lifts the dirt.

Pet Boarding & Kennel

Do you have vacation or travel plans in the works? Can’t take your fur babies with you? No worries, we have you covered. Call us to book a safe, comfortable spot. Discounts are available for your second and subsequent pet. Your babies are given the attention they need while we're open. And for those days we’re closed, we visit our guests a minimum of four times per day to give them walks, some play time, check food and water, and to keep them on schedule with any medications. Up-to-date vaccination records are required before boarding, showing your dog is vaccinated against rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough).

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Additional Services

Sanitary Trim                                     
Toe Nail Tr
im and/or File                 

Ear Cleaning/Hair Removal

Ear Flush

Blueberry Facial

Medicated Flea Bath


Face Neating

Teeth Brushing


Hours to schedule appointments:

Mon - Closed;   Tue, Wed 9AM - 6PM;   Thur - Closed;   

Fri 9AM - 6PM;   Sat 10AM - 5PM;   Sun - Closed

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We prefer services by appointment so we can properly schedule our staff.
Walk-ins are welcome while we're here, but there's no guarantee we can fit you in. Call today to reserve a spot!

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